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lovelike is a mixed-reality musical performance about losing yourself to loneliness and longing. The project uses motion capture and VR as part of an interface that allows avatars to interact with virtual objects as proxies for effects envelopes and instruments in audio software. Throughout the duration of the performance, Jenna Caravello and Celia Hollander collaborate on a musical composition on stage together, Jenna as an embodied avatar in a projected virtual world and Celia organizing incoming clips in live audio software.

"lovelike [is] Jenna Caravello's kinetic, colorful, intimate and slightly melancholy VR episodic folk opera, in musical collaboration with Celia Hollander. Felt novel and emergent, but also evocative of the electric vulnerability of Songs for Waves/Big Science era Laurie Anderson."  – 2220 Arts + Archives in Los Angeles


lovelike is a project by Jenna Caravello

with Celia Hollander

composer / performer


+ John Brumley

programming / technical advisor


+ Henrik Soederstroem

research assistant

This project was made possible with generous support from the Society of Hellman Fellows and the UCLA School of Arts + Architecture.